Wright State University in United States

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At Wright State University, applicants will find unique programs suited to aspirational students who want to make their mark on the world. Whether a student wants to be a scientist, artist, engineer, doctor, or business leader, there’s an outstanding academic program for every learner.

Wright State University
Wright State University


About this university

Wright State is named after the Wright brothers, two aviation pioneers who invented powered flight. Through courage and determination, they changed the world. Now it’s the next generation’s turn. Students can get the knowledge and tools needed to succeed through one of 315 undergraduate, graduate, professional, or doctoral degree programs on offer.

Right now, more than 12,000 learners from 57 countries call Wright State home. The Dayton Campus, located near downtown Dayton, and Lake Campus, located in Celina, Ohio, offer safe and welcoming communities that are hard to beat. Dayton is one of the most affordable cities in America, offering a low cost of living while boasting strong income levels and opportunities for graduates.

Wright State’s world-class professors and knowledgeable staff will support students on each step of their journey. Students can find the people and the resources to help them achieve their dreams. From specialized academic and student support services to career assistance, students can find it all right here.

Students can make the most of their college experience. Get a high-quality, accredited education while taking advantage of the many campus life opportunities. Join a club, watch a sporting event, or attend a theatre performance. There is so much to do at Wright State. There are also plenty of activities in the surrounding communities to enjoy, from canoeing and ice skating to cultural events and festivities.

Top business school

The Wright State University Raj Soin College of Business is recognized by several prestigious national rankings. Awards and recognition include:

  • One of the most outstanding business schools – Princeton Review, Best Business Schools 2021
  • Top 50 online MBA program – Fortune Education Hub, Fortune magazine
  • One of the best colleges for online master’s business degree programs – U.S. News & World Report 2021.

These awards are a testament to the quality of education found in the Raj Soin College of Business. The rankings look at the strength of programs, how colleges engage in deep research, and how graduates leave equipped with the skills needed in the competitive business world.


Student residences are comfortable and convenient. There are three residence hall communities and four on-campus apartment communities that are affordable, spacious, and inclusive. Enjoy a short walk to classes and events and make friends that will last a lifetime. Students can customize their room and board by choosing the housing, dining, and parking options that fit their needs. On-campus housing residents enjoy high-speed internet, heating and air conditioning, and laundry facilities.


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