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St. John’s University is a metropolitan university based in New York City, with campuses in Queens and Manhattan, along with international campuses and locations in Rome, Italy; Paris, France; and Limerick, Ireland.

The university’s Catholic and Vincentian heritage aim to help students succeed in their chosen field of study, but also as valuable members of society who make service a priority. One of the university’s core values is respect, defined as “a courteous regard for all people whose diversity is embraced and shared in learning, teaching, and service to others within the university community and beyond.”

St. John's University
St. John’s University


About St. John’s University

There are more than 100 undergraduate programs and more than 65 graduate degrees, all of which are led by expert faculty and taught in state-of-the-art facilities. The university also has a strong network of 195,000+ alumni.

Extensive support services help students adjust to university life. All St. John’s University students are given the opportunity to earn a degree, develop other core skills, and graduate with a bright future.

International students are welcomed at St. John’s. Robust programs help them adjust to life in the US and prosper in their chosen field.

What’s New

No successful university can rest on its laurels, and St. John’s University exemplifies this with its approach to developing not just its students, but the institution itself. One such example is the St. Vincent Health Sciences Center currently being built on the Queens, NY, campus and scheduled to open in Fall 2024. It will offer cutting-edge facilities and house the university’s new four-year Bachelor of Science degree program in Nursing.

The university also continues its work to modernize all of its existing facilities, an effort which was recently recognized as it was listed in the Princeton Review’s annual summary of the most environmentally responsible colleges. It’s the only school in the New York City area to be included in the list of top 50 “green” colleges.

Funding is essential for the university’s future success. St. John’s has been the recipient of significant donations from alumni and friends of the university—ensuring a continued path of innovation and development.

Entry requirements

Students seeking to apply to St. John’s are required to submit 4 academic years of transcripts from their high school/secondary school or equivalent, along with any national examination results. Students are also able to add an essay or a recommendation letter to their application, although these are only mandatory for pharmacy applications. Transfer applicants must also submit a course-by-course NACES member evaluation of their post-secondary study.

Teaching quality

While St. John’s University is an institution that provides a caring and safe environment for students, and one that also hold community and charity values close at heart, the priority is always providing students with the best education possible to enable them to pursue their chosen career and succeed.

As such, students can expect to be taught using state-of-the-art resources by faculty who are experts in their respective fields. Ninety-two percent of the full-time faculty have a doctorate or other terminal degree, ensuring their extensive knowledge. They are also experienced educators, able to take their own understanding and shape it in a way that brings subjects to life for students.


St. John’s University is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities students need for their educational journey to be successful. Classrooms and other buildings are contemporary and comfortable, while featuring all the resources and tools students need to learn.

The university’s Queens campus has multiple residence halls that are situated close to classrooms and offer a friendly community atmosphere. Support is also available for students who wish to find non-university housing. Plus, students can enjoy an extensive range of dining options including casual or quick-bite venues, with some national chains represented on campus.


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