HSC Admission Bangladesh: A Complete Guide for Students

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Hey, congrats on finishing your SSC exams! Curious about what’s next? Let’s chat about HSC admission in Bangladesh. I’ve got the lowdown on how to apply, find the perfect college, and crush those HSC exams. Keep scrolling to ace your HSC admission! 

What is HSC?

HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) is this big exam in Bangladesh, kinda like 12th grade elsewhere. After two years in college, boom, HSC exam time. You’ve got six subjects, some you gotta do like Bangla, English, and ICT, and then you choose your stream: Science, Humanities, Business, or Technical.

Why is it important?

Now, why’s this HSC thing so important? Well, if you’re looking to go higher in education or even land a cool gig in Bangladesh or abroad, this is the gatekeeper. It checks what you know, what you can do, and if you make the cut for those colleges. Plus, your results can score you scholarships and impact your job opportunities down the line. It’s like a big slice of your future.

How to apply for HSC admission in Bangladesh?

Thinking about HSC admission in Bangladesh? Here’s what you gotta do:

Meet these criteria:

  • Pass SSC or equivalent from a Bangladeshi or foreign board.
  • Get at least GPA 2.00 (without fourth subject) in SSC.
  • Choose a stream matching your SSC group.
  • Apply before the deadline and follow board instructions.

Application process and fees

Getting into HSC in Bangladesh? Here’s the deal: Apply online via XI Class Admission System (XI CAS). You get to choose 10 colleges from any board. The system gives the lowdown on colleges – seats, fees, facilities, and policies.

Simple steps to apply:

  1. Go to [www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd].
  2. Register using SSC roll, board, passing year, mobile, and email.
  3. Verify with OTP sent to mobile/email.
  4. Log in with your ID and password.
  5. Fill in personal, academic, and college preferences.
  6. Pay BDT 150 via various methods.
  7. Submit and print the confirmation.

Apply from June 9 to June 23, 2023. Edit within this window if needed.

HSC Admission

Admission test and merit list

Once the application deadline ends, the education boards will make a merit list based on your SSC GPA, college choices, and quota (if applicable). This list will go live on the XI CAS website by July 10, 2023. To check your position and college, log in or SMS 16222.

If you’re chosen for a college, secure your spot by paying BDT 200 for admission. Confirmed between July 11 and July 18, 2023. Miss this, lose your seat to the next eligible person.

Want to switch colleges? Apply for migration from July 19 to July 22, 2023. It’s a BDT 150 fee for each migration request. Migration results drop on July 25, 2023. Check online or SMS 16222.

Satisfied with the migration result? Confirm your admission by paying BDT 200 between July 26 and July 29, 2023. Don’t wait, or you’ll lose your seat.

Didn’t get into any college or missed admission? No worries, apply for the second merit list. Apply from August 1 to August 4, 2023, with a BDT 150 fee per college. The list arrives on August 8, 2023. Check online or SMS 16222.

Selected in the second merit list? Confirm admission by paying BDT 200 between August 9 and August 12, 2023. If not, you’ll lose your seat to the next in line.

How to choose the best college for HSC admission?

The ideal institution for HSC admission is an important choice that might impact your future academic & professional chances. As a result, consider a few things before submitting a college application. You should consider the following things before selecting a college:

Choosing the Right College:

  1. Follow Your Interests: Go for a college that offers what you’re passionate about, like science or arts.
  2. Check the GPA: Pick a college where your GPA fits the requirement. Don’t aim too high if your score isn’t there yet.
  3. Consider Location: Choose a college close to home to save time and money on commute and living expenses.
  4. Budget Matters: Find an affordable college, not one with sky-high fees. Factor in other costs too.
  5. Look for Facilities: Go for a college with good facilities like classrooms, labs, and libraries. Teachers matter too.
  6. Reputation Counts: Opt for a college with a solid track record, good exam results, and positive reviews.
  7. Top Colleges: Notable options in Bangladesh include Notre Dame, Rajuk Uttara Model, Viqarunnisa Noon, Dhaka College, and Holy Cross College.


This guide should have given you a solid understanding of HSC admission, college selection, and exam preparation in Bangladesh. Best of luck with your journey!


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